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    Vacuum Pumps

    Vacuum pumps EJ-BA


    The EJ-BA vacuum pumps consist of an anodised alluminum manifold, which guarantees high strength and while allowing compact dimensionsì. They can integrate the EJ-MEDIUM cartridges in the 2 and 3-stage versions with integrated silencer.


    Vacuum pumps EJ-LINE


    EJ-LINE pumps have superior vacuum characteristics even at low or fluctuating mains pressure. In-line design to optimise overall dimensions.The aluminium body provides high strength, the thread in the vacuum port allows direct fixing of the sunction cup, avoiding the need of additional pipes or fittings.


    Vacuum pumps EJ_SYS


    The EJ-SYS range of vacuum pumps allows to simplify the sizing and the installation in a vacuum circuit. Vacuum pumps suitable for both decentralised and centralised circuits, thanks to the high suction flow rate of the EJ-SYS-LARGE version.


    Vacuum pumps EJ-SLG


    The EJ-SLG vacuum pumps consist of a POM housing, which makes the pump extremely lightweight and compact. Both the EJ-SLG MEDIUM and the EJ-SLG LARGE solutions are available in two-and three-stage versions with integrated silencer. Possibility of prearrangement with pre-set Gimatic digital vacuum switch, VACSW-3N203-G (PNP) and VACSW-3M203-G (NPN) version.




    Vacuum pump developed for sealed applications where, due to the high vacuum reached, an atmospheric release is required, in order to reduce the time of detachment of the handled item and to speed up the movement of the gripping tool. The key features are low wreight, low energy consumption and easy installation.

    Vacuum pumps EJ-ATM



    The EJ-BLOWOFF vacuum pump is the right choice for high frequency Pick-and-Place applications. The built-in blow-off tank allows to release the handled object very quickly while keeping the EJ-MEDIUM cartridge clean, avoiding clogging in particularly dusty environments. Available in the version with 1 and 2 two-stage EJ-MEDIUM cartridges.

    Vacuum pumps EJ-BLOWOFF



    The design of the EJ-MLG vacuum pumps (body in POM) allows the integration of up to 4 EJ-LARGE cartridges, with 2 or 3 stages, making the vacuum pump a modular and flexible solution. Developed mainly for centralised applications, to simultaneously manage several suction cups or several users of the vacuum circuit.

    Vacuum pumps EJ-MLG



    The EJ-BBT vacuum generators are based on the Coanda principle and allow to achieve a high suction flow rate at low vacuum levels. This is particularly useful when handling porous and at the same time delicate objects. Also suitable for transporting waste materials (chips) or for cooling surfaces with high temperatures.

    Vacuum pumps EJ-BBT


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