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    Compact vacuum pump with embedded electronics - EJ-XONE


    • Vacuum pump with advanced control functions, available with EJ-MEDIUM two-stage cartridges
    • Energy-saving system (ES) with manual and automatic modes that allows for up to 95% compressed air savings in sealing applications, integrated check valve
    • Electronically controllable blow-off mechanism, either by pin or automatic at each cycle
    • High system reliability at low or fluctuating feed pressure
    • Option to have PNP and NPN versions, with normally closed (NC) and normally open (NO) configurations
    • Electrical connection via M8x1 8-pin connector
    • Simplified intuitive 7-segment display
    • Vacuum connection tube Ø6
    • Pneumatic connection tube Ø6
    • Option for direct fastening using two M5 holes located on the back or through two Ø4.1 holes on the side
    • It can be installed in series
    • High performance in a compact design
    • Aluminum unibody, sturdy, durable, and lightweight
    • Option to channel the exhaust through a Ø6 tube
    • Easily removable car
    Производитель: Gimatic

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