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    Vacuum gripping systems for bags with 30 mm thick foam - FBG


    • The FBG series of vacuum gripping systems is designed for handling heavy bags of both liquid and solid materials with different shapes and weights
    • It can be equipped with different types of Gimatic pneumatic pumps (2 to 8 LARGE cartridges) (1), or alternatively with a connector for external vacuum generation (2)
    • Available in three sizes 245x125 mm, 250x180 mm and 350x250 mm, and two heights 70 mm and 90 mm
    • The body (PA12) is compact and lightweight yet sturdy
    • The 30mm thick orange-coloured foam is made of natural rubber and can be adapted perfectly to the bag to be handled (bags of irregular shape)
    • The 30-mm thick black foam is in EPDM, has excellent wear resistance and guarantees highly stable gripping (bags of regular shape) – Sold separately
    • Internal metal plate to avoid damaging the bag being handled (it can be removed when not needed)
    • Optional use of level suspensions to compensate for any differences in height
    Manufacturer: Gimatic

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